For myself

مانده ام، مانده ام در حسرت بالا بلايي روز و شب
جان دهم از دوري دير آشنايي روز و شب

Today is our wedding anniversary , now is the 6th year ! I can't believe it how the time is flying fast ! I think it was just yeaterday , a sunny lovely Shahrivar day ! ....

I didn't start the day with a good mood today , I  found one of my paper which we did in collaboration with another group in Auckland has been rejected and ..., we should try again ! I'm not afraid to lose , but I hate to fail !

But the good news , is that the confocal is working properly today.   Yesterday when a Professor from Michigan unversity came to see our lab and stablish a similar lab in US , it stoped to work at the end and there wasn't any signal from that in monitor ,but this morning , I checked all the system and cables and it backed to work again ! Thanks God ! 

I don't know why I am worry all the times for nothing ! For our job , for our future , for my thesis, for papers , ..... I am a little silly ! I have a great and fantastic family , a great parents , a lovely husband and a fantastic brother who everyone wish to have , but still I am worry and sometimes stressful !!!   It's very bad when you don't feel satisfy from your work when everyone else admires you ,  I shouldn't be like that ! I have everyhing that I wished to have !  I should just Thanks God for all of his Love , Kindness & Support ! I should be more happy ! My sadness is just because of autumn and I feel more homesick in the sunny shiny days near to Mehr & I wish I was still a kid  .....

I shouldn't forget this sentence from Henry Van Dyke : " Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the stars. " and it's really true, indeed !


بر سر راه دیگران ٬جهانهایی هست  ٬جهانهایی در خورشید  ٬که می توانند در آنها به هم دیدار کنند اما راه تو این است  ٬ و اکنون است٬ اکنون    ٬ که تو نباید از پا در افتی  ٬ بگری٬  اگر  می توانی  بگری ٬ لیکن شکوه مکن   ٬ راه تو را بر می گزیند     و تو باید سپاسگزار باشی .


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