Why not?

Just as a record write that I am in love with this beautiful city and really wish to live here...

As a separate note and for the record, I have a lovely friend that I am so proud of our friendship. So often on my hard days, he sends me some encouraging messages. Today he sent me this one which is so lovely:

“You see things; and you say, 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say, "Why not?"  (George Bernard Shaw- 1856-1950)

& then said: “...I got great faith on you…I want to see you on top of your field, a university professor in US! You have a lot of potential and yet load to achieve!” and my favourite part is this; “we are truly special friends and share a main character feature, our inner child is happy, curious, and active and by default ambitious. We are not supposed to keep her/him convinced to keep quite with a lolly pop ;)” 

Isn’t it so kind? How lucky to be to have such friends esp. on your rainy days …

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this is also my favorite city to live in, trying to convince sepehr to move there within the 742next 5 years after i finish the university down here. and by the way let your inner child achieve what it deserves mitra jan. i will be more than happy to have you here

مامان امی تیس و آترین

این عکس خوشگل مال کجاست؟ من که انگلیسیم افتضاحه چیکار کنم؟! منم بعضی اوقات دست از خانه داری میکشم و بعد از یکی دوهفته خونه رو مرتب میکنم که به چشم بیاد!!


mitra jan I know that you will achieve your dreams due to your talent and your ambitious character with best wishes


Dear Mitra, I strongly believe that you will achieve your goals. Good luck. وبلاگ کوهنوردی و گردشگری