Game of pinball ...???

An lovely old note that I wrote long time ago maybe 4-5 years ago. I love it.

 "To know the road ahead, ask those coming back." Chinese proverb

Today I read a nice article in Fortune magazine about twelve famous, successful people and the tricks they use to accomplish what they do everyday and. This kind of papers are useful to share thoughts and advice on how outstanding people work and what makes them successful. One of the nice statement was : " Many successful women have become successful because they're just awfully good at being compulsive and organized and doers. But it's hard to be successful and be a control freak, because if you cling to things, you're going to be a bottleneck. Delegating to other people - appropriately delegating - is very liberating. "

What struck me about the twelve people, however was the one fact their profiles all had in common. They all expressed a real passion for what they were doing.Therfore the read secret of greatness is Passion for your job ! Your passion for that job not only makes the day fly by,it motivates you to do your best and it motivates the others around you.

And here  are more points  about their success :

-Be compulsively organized - and delegate.

-Don't just cope with information -- revel in it.

-Cut through the noise.

-Get away from the routine.

-Rise early - and have the occasional jolt of joe.

-Challenge each other -- but don't hold grudges.

-Focus relentlessly

-Take a break, even if you work Sunday nights.

-It's a game of pinball, and you're the ball.

-Be open to ideas that come over the transom.

-Seek the most efficient mode of communication.

-A key to staying calm is minimizing the information onslaught.

 But the real challange is to do your job well, when responsibilities and complexities keep increasing . The most common answer is to get up early - real early and use your time as efficient as it's possible .  And always push yourself. Think like an immigrant. Keep putting yourself outside of your comfort zone.

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