Yesterday I had a patient (SA), a lovely old lady that came with her husband for some additional retinal tests. While taking her history
she mentioned after a long list of conditions like heart failure and angina
that she has cancer too. I asked her about type of the cancer and when she has been diagnosed and her treatments... And she said she has been just diagnosed yesterday afternoon and it seems it is quite advanced and tomorrow morning she has an appointment at Christie to see a surgeon for the treatment … I was just shocked, speechless and so amazed from her strength...

I told her: “You just have been diagnosed with cancer yesterday and you came today for this research study?? “ And she said: I know
and I am sorry if I am not very myself today … My mind is all over the places
now but I thought you are waiting for me …

And at that moment I just tried to not cry and feeling super-impressed for this level of respect and commitment.  

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