When I woke up this morning, I had a little headache and I was worry maybe I have a cold and then I took all the morning very easy, had my breakfast then back to my room and lied and watched TV until 12 , then I checked out and I went to Pharmacy to buy some tabletets and some other small shoppings and before 2 , I was in airport and I'm sitting here in the lounge of British airways in SF, and now waiting for my flight back to home. It was just one week but I feel I missed home for ages. This morning, I watched a programme in TV about Medical debts in US and stories of families who lost everything even their homes for hospital costs. That was really scary and i was thinking it's very good to have a health system like UK that you don't need to be worry for these kind of things. And my way to airport, i talked to taxi driver and he said he is from Russia who moved with his family to US to follow American dream and the dream came true now and he loves SF..... I should go now. I have a long flight ahead !





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