All you need to do is shine....


تا به کی گویی که آنجا کی رسم
کی بود کی، چون نهایت نبودش

1: My today horoscope , so energitic : "What are you waiting for, ..? Go for the gold. All you need to do is shine. You have the opportunity to merge with powerful groups of people, so make sure to keep your head up and your eyes open. Do things that will improve your current status in a finance-related situation. Your sharp wit and endless fount of facts and information will come in handy. Have a joke or riddle ready on hand. "

It's very nice to recieve these kind of messages early in the morning when you start your work , it gives you more hope to try harder and harder .

2:I should go every morning to train station for next 10 days !!!  Daily Mail offers for 2 weeks a series of "Sins and Passions" movie DVDs which you can collect free if you just buy your newspaper from WHSmith , All of those DVDs are based on lovely best selling novels and I love this kind of movies , but the problem is finding a WHSmith store , there isn't any store near to my work place and I forced to go to Train Station during last 2 days and today to buy the Daily Mail from ther to have the DVD . Therfore it takes near an hour or 45 minutes to reach to my office but it worth, I think . 

PS , I just remembered that there is a branch of WHSmith in our hospital , next to the entrance door , You see how much I am crazy ( it's not the right word, is it better to use thoughfulness ??!!!)sometimes

3: Yesterday was Valentine's day,  a sunny lovely day.All the stores decorated with hearts and ballons and bears,  it brings lots of joy and happiness  ,although we can't deny its financial advantage for market ,it's just bussiness.   I went for lunch with one of my friend in the refectory of my old department  and then I worked all the afternoon and then I went for swimming which was very nice , I arrived home around 8 o'clock , but I wasn't tired at all.  Then we watched this movie : "The secret affair" based on a novel from Barbara Taylor Bradford , it was nice, but I found the category of movies is not quite right , because when they say this movie is suitable for age 12 or more , it is not really like that according to our culture. The parents who have kids should be take care and check that .

Anything more ?? Write later....


راستی امروز  این عکسهای زیبا از پراگ رو اینجا دیدم ٬ خیلی زیباست٬ من در ماه دسامبر اونجا بودم و اگرچه بازم خیلی زیبا بود ولی اینقدر قرمز و آفتابی و تابستونی نبود.... 

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