1- Yesterday we went to see our baby again, and this time many thanks God, she was fine and there was no danger with that Aminotic band. She was so lovely and around 16cm length, very calm and gentle.Oh, I love her ! The last time booked a series of scans for me and i thought I'm going to see her again next week and the week after. But as yesterday everything was fine, they cancelled all those appointments and just to reassure me ,they booked another appointment in next 2 months. I want to see her again now !!

2- Last week, I decided not to go to upcoming conference next week as it costs too much and I was thinking I went to lots of conferences (although I love to see San Francisco), but this week when my supervisior came back he asked me about my presentation and i told him that probably I'm not coming for conference , he said I should go and he asked me to choose my flight and hotel and he will pay himself! And even, he asked me to book my flight with just British Airways as it cause more trouble to trnsfer from another US airport, therefore when normal ticket costs just around £600 , I bought a ticket for more than £1200 and also a lovely hotel in the centre of town. That's great, isn't it?

 3- The other day, we gave the news to my supervisior that we are expecting a baby and amazingly this made him very happy and congragulate us and even yesterday when I saw him the first thing he asked about baby and the results of scan , and I told him that i'm going to do in the afternoon , and around 12 o'clock he told me : "you are going to be late for your scan , go !!" I can't believe , I thought as I just strted my new job it might be make him upset , but instead he is very happy and supportive!

 4- It's a long time that I decided not to watch any Iranian movies and last night , BBC4 had a documentary movie about "Death of a WAG", and it was about the murder of a wife of one of Iran's football stars. It was terrible !

5- I have less than a week to prepare my talk for the conference and prepare a poster and also finish the corrections of my thesis . Lots of work & I should really work hard ! And I look foreward to see if San Francisco is as beatiful as Daniell Steels'movie.

 We were very stressful during last two months and I'm going to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy... Thanks  God for everything !


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