After a hectic week with lots of patients and work, finally Friday arrived and I took it easy and just worked until lunch time and I came back home to rest and do a little house keeping. I was checking my emails and thanks to those email alerts that reminded me that it’s a birthday of a friend, thus I called her to say “Happy Birthday” and she invited us to go to their place for dinner. It was late in the afternoon at that time and I hadn't bought any birthday present for her, therefore I waited for hobby jan to come home in the evening and then we went to town to buy something. In the store I bought the BD gift and a few pieces of our little one, and then I found a set of gorgeousGerman cookware’s which were in sale and thus this morning, we went back to the store and bought them and I love them. It was great to spend some time with friends and last night after ages we were laughing and speaking until midnight which is very unusual with my these days diary that I used to go to bed at 10 pm!!!  

I love British summer time, one moment is heavy rainy next minute is sunny and today was one of those lovely days.

Tomorrow I should finish a paper and do loads of ironing. I don’t want the weekend to be ended !!!





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