Finding time to update a blog is a personal habit. If you don’t write for some time you forget how to write or what to write and more important does it worth to write these daily notes!!  With our extremely hectic lifestyle it is a personal choice.  Although I like the idea of recording the daily memories but sometimes, it is getting too personal and you think about your cyber personal security!

Anyway, it is a long time since my last post. Since that post I was away in Istanbul (for a visit to Marmara University) & then Mashad for visiting my family, and we had a great time there. I already missed Mashad so much that I feel it was ages ago that I was there.

  Back to England, it was Nowrooz but I was so ill that I didn’t feel the sense of spring and New Year this year. The simple flu lasted for more than 7 weeks (Thanks to my GP!!). I didn’t feel that much ill all my life.  I was starting to think that perhaps I have a cancer or a form of severe illness. I think I was in some phase of depression too.  But thanks God, I finally recovered now and here I am, with no pain or coughing and enjoying the sun in lovely Florida. Thanks to ARVO!

(Notice Supermoon in the Sky- Moon was in the closest distance to earth last week 5May 2012).

I have too much deadlines, exams and targets for my next 12 months that I don’t think I will find time to update here. If I find any spare time, I‘ll try to update Baran’s weblog with her progress. She is getting sweeter and sweeter every day. God bless her.   

As I said writing is a choice. But for sure I will get back to here when I find more time and better said more balance in my both personal and professional life.  Until then …


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salam mitra jan ,,man hamishe montazer boodam inja ro update konid,,,khosh halam ke khoob shodin,,va hame chi khoob pish mire ba omide roozhaye por az moafaghayyat baraye shoma[لبخند]


Glad that you feel better now :)


man ke aasheghe khodeto dokhtarake nazeto neveshtehatam dar bast! good luck duste gole khodam