I just purchached the audio book of my favourite write that has been narrated with her voice. That's an amazing book and I should call it a good investment:
I also purchased a cookery book ( The Kitchen Diaries II ) from my favourite chef (Nigel Slater) and unpatiently waiting to recieve it in post.
Then I am waiting for 12th March to buy this book " Lean In" from my favorite speaker: Sheryl Sandberg.
And here is a lovely photo:


اینقدر اینجا ننوشتم که یادم رفته چطوری باید بنویسم ....


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i love her books too, so encouraging messages she gives in her books. and let me tell you something,I aam sooooo happy you have started writing again.


Your blog really is stunning it looks like a heavens of hope and dreams of one beautiful life of the whom is try very very very hard to make her dreams to be true. I love here it transfers me one good feeling . pirooz bashid o shadkam o sarsabz