"There is one thing in this world which must never be forgotten.
If you were to forget everything else, but did not forget that,
then there would be no cause to worry;
whereas if you performed and remembered and did not forget every single thing,
but forgot that one thing,
then you would have done nothing whatsoever."




And here we are, nearly at the end of what has been a challenging and exciting period of my life. I was thinking of what to write in the Acknowledgement page of my thesis. I found writing this page is the most difficult page of my thesis. There are various individuals who helped me during this time, my supervisor who has been the finest guide, mentor and supervisor that one could wish to have, my husband for his endless patient,support and love, my parents who have never flagged in their support of my aspirations, my brother for his positive source of encouragement and support, those patients who participated in my studies, and several other individuals who I am in debt and so grateful for their continuous help and contribution. But foremost, I should be thankful to the God. But how can I write it there? Any idea?



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