1- Today I had a very good day in London. I travelled with 1st Class train early in the morning (which was a nice experience) and as I finished early, I went for some windows shopping in Oxford Street which I ended by buying a nice spring coat and blouse and lovely pair of shoes and three pair of jeans for hubby jan, but nothing for little walnut which is very strange of me.

It seems that I bought everything new for Eid. Last week I bought 2 other blouses and a trouser, and couple of days ago I bought a Prada frame and a ghd hair straightner, plus my today shopping.  I think I should spend less. Enough shopping.



2-  I decided not to buy any cloths or anything else for myself for at least one year which can be extended to 2 years. I have plenty of cloths that still their label is with them , which means that I didn’t wear them even once. Can I?  ( Confessions of a Shopaholic)


3- I think the most essential thing for an academic person and researcher is having a passport from a developed country. At least you don’t need to be worry each time when you are travelling abroad for a conference. 


4- Baran’s back head is flat and it’s because she is lying all the times. I bought a pair of Goi Goi Pillow. I found about FHS and these pillows and the sleepcurve mattress in Mother & Baby magazine and I wish someone else told us about this pillows earlier.


5- Yesterday one of my friend brought a lovely highchair for Baran and lots of toys.They are very nice and I love the highchair.


6- I promised to myself that don't eat in any Fast food resturants like McDonald, KFC, and even Subway. I hate all of those foods.


I feel very sleepy and tired , I'll write more later....




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