The swan approach

I was in a leadership workshop earlier this week and speaker was a very nice old lady with huge life and professional experience, one of those old lady you wish to be look like when you will get old and as british says " get older gracefully". She was a professor of linguistic for 30 years and retired around 6 years ago but since then the university asked her to run the leadership programmes of university.


One very nice point she made was to learn “The swan approach” in our life.


A swan is very elegant, confident and calm outside but below the water they are paddling crazy. A swan also gives a very different impression on land than it does in the water. Therefore we should try to be like a swan when we faces life challenges.

Above the surface: graceful, elegant, poised, classic, composed, head held high, peaceful, confident, certain, and calm.

Below the surface: paddling like crazy to reach your desired destination


     May the swan approach serve you well as you glide across the waters of life in powerful pursuit of your victory!

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