never have to say what if.....

'What if I cant make it
What if its not meant to be
What if all the plans Iv made come crashing down on me
What if I beleived you when you said that you were mine
What if we're all running out of time

What if I could write the story
what if all this ends in glory
what if the moon and stars or the world is ours
If only dreams could live
I'd never have to say What if'

Last month when I had my college exam and my ophthalmoscope had been broken in the middle of exam and consequently I finished the patient successfully but the examiner didn’t let me to write the prescription, I started to cry outside of the examination room.... I tried hard to control my feelings but I couldn’t … I did work hard and were so disappointed and then I assumed the examiners thought I am so unprofessional… It was very stressful situation and indeed you feel more disappointed when you think you didn’t deserve it …

Tonight I was watching Andy Murray’s documentary “The Man behind
the Racquet”
and I was so amazed when he was crying that hard when he lost the match on Wimbledon last year. He showed perseverance a glorious life lesson in self-improvement. It just reminded me that I am not just alone to cry at disappointments & how hard I need to work.

 Yesterday when I was watching the last 10 minutes in my boss’s
office and just seen the amount of pain on his face and afterwards he said: “Yeah, I was struggling. I was finishing a lot of the points very out of breath.” It is so impressive the amount of his practices and commitments to his goals.  It is really a big lesson for me ….  Nothing can be achieved without Pain!!

The VERY VERY important Lessons that I need to learn &
remind myself are the followings: 

1. Passion

 He had never seen a 5 year old with such a strong will to win.

 I  need to have the same degree of passion to

2. Overcoming adversity

3. Dealing with criticism

Murray’s undoubted talent and passion had made him prone to
considerable criticism when he fails to win major tournaments. Comments like
“Nice guy’ but a quitter when it counts’” is something that Murray has had to
deal with his entire life. Even his own brother questioned his commitment when
Murray withdrew for the 2008 Davis Cup. 

4. Study and learning 

5. Practise makes perfect

6. Overcoming fear of failure

This is a toughie. Can you imagine how Andy Murray is
feeling right now – right before his match for the Wimbledon final? Add to that
the pressure of being the first Brit in the final in 74 years? It must be

7. Luck and coincidence 

I personally don’t believe in luck. I think you
make your own luck by good living, hard work and constant personal developmen

"What if I could write the story, what if all this ends in glory ... what if only dreams could live. And I'd never have to say what if."

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