Manchester leads research ....

We are working in a new project to translate the research we were doing over the last 12 years to primary care and real world. 

 It is nearly 3 months since the start of the project and we already recruited around 300 patients. This work is a great example of team work, collaboration and partnership between academia, health funding bodies, industry, primary care optometrists, etc. and undoubtly  this wasn't possible without the strong support of admin team and full support of many individuals at various levels.  We hope the results of this work would make an impact and difference in the life of patients with diabetes in the long term. 

We've recieved lots of attention from media and many coverage for the project that some are listed below: 

- Manchester Evening News

- Daily Mail & Mail on Sunday 

CLAHRC Partnership Programme Primary Care Newsletter 


Optometry Today 

-Heidelberg Engineering 

-  Primary Health Net 

Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation 

  This is just a note to myself to remind me who lucky I am with the great support and exceptional individuals that I have the opportunity to work. I need to also to remind how challenging this work was and how many times I decided in my mind to leave it when finding it hard to deliever my points, ...  But remember first we shouldn't "Never, never , never Give up" and second  we shouldn't compromise for quality and excellence!! This should be the foundation of all our works, always !! Remember ...





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Well done :)


Well done :)