Hi from Toronto


It’s a couple of days that I am in Toronto for a conference and I will stay a couple of days more. The initial plan was to go to Montreal after that for another conference but I cancelled my trip as it will be too long and I already missed home.

Toronto is a very beautiful city and I love it. They say it is an expensive city, but it is very live and beatiful and clean. The intersting thing is that Toronto means "The place of meeting" and actually it is a very nice place for meetings.  The hotel is very nice too, in down town and next to a church and a big shopping centre and I have a view of CN tower and a historic church plus lots of towers from my room which is very beatiful at nights. As I arrived a day earlier before conference, I had the chance to get the tour and visit Niagara Falls which was great ( as canadian used a lot the word of "Awesome" it is awesome!) , even I tried flying over the falls with a helicoupter which was scary but uniqe life time experience. We visited a small city or village close to falls " Niagara on the lake" which was stunning and again awesome especially at this time of year which the leaves have thousands color, and I wished we will be able to live in a place like that when we retired. I visit a wineary place too that they produce icewine which is the most expensive wine in the world. 

Anyway,it was good that I went out the first day as we are very busy here in the conference. Today it started with another meeting from 7 and finished at 7 pm. The same will be expected over the weekend !!! I had 2 presentations today which went well but my main talk wll be on Sunday that I did not practice it yet. It is a great feeling when you see other groups cited your work and in all their presentations acknowledged your help and expertise especially as a jounior doctor or researcher.  And the Calgary group invited me to visit them again and help them for their study.


Last night I had a bad dream and it came true today as I found Baran wasn’t well and had a cold and her Dad took her to hospital to be sure she is fine. It was when I called to see what they are doing and as soon as I found it, I felt very bad and frustrated. I wish I wasn’t here. I talked to her doctor and he reassured me that she is fine and just had a viral cold. I know it is very difficult to look after Baran these days as she is very active and I think Hassan should be very tired now , but sometimes there is no other option. For me as a mum it is very much harder to leave my little one, but my job is also important and still I am tryng to find a balance between work and motherhood.


I purchased some lovely cloths for my little walnutt which I can’t wait to be home and try them on herplus a little shopping so far for honey jan.



The funny thing is that there is an old professor from Georgia that I know him for a few years and he admires me and believes that I look like Elizabeth Taylor !!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaaaaaaaa ( in my dream!!) . Anyway, every year he is in this conference and I am not feeling very in ease as it is against my shy nature and he is saying all the times that how much I am beautiful and intelligent to everyone( again hahaaaaa!) . Anyway, during my presentation today he took lots of photos from me and it was so funny, like papparazies ! When I was in iran I had a friend . She said al the times : " HAMERA BARGH MIGIREH, MA RO CHERAG BARGHI" and that's my story. I am just kidding !!!! The other funny thing is that everyone that didn’t see me during last year said how I look great and slim after having a baby (!!!!!)  I think they forgot how slim I was as still I am 2 size bigger than the past !!! Anyway, it is nice to be in a meetng that you know everyone.



Finally again, I missed a lot Baran & Hassan. Her smily face is in front of my eyes all the times and I am dying to hear her voice and hug her and smell her. Love u both . xxxxxx






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