Love is the Law

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A Letter from God to Mankind: Love is the Law

“Look what you’ve done to this world! Do you like it? Did I give it like this?

 I’m the one who granted love, but you created hatred and envy;

 I gave you faith, but you invented religion to control the weak; I gave you the Law, but you used it to feed your ego.

I sent a messenger of peace and love but you humiliated and crucified him, and later you used Him as an excuse to kill your people on my behalf....

I granted the entire planet, this Garden of Eden with all its resources, but you invented money, politics, the corrupt economical systems and the hunger that came along.

I offered Universal Intelligence but you disconnected, you embraced the artificial one.

 I offered you the medicine to heal and you invented drugs to ruin yourself.

I created you perfect and beautiful, a whole being. Instead beauty standards were created to surgically cripple yourself.

I gave you the woman to bring tenderness, joy and light into your life. She is your other half, but you chained and kneeled her, you placed her lower than the man and decided about her life and death.

 I granted beautiful identities, each of you is unique. Instead you created racism. I granted freedom and free-well. You created slavery, dictatorship and capitalism..

I am that, I am! Love is the Law!”

Revolutions, Bogdan Ota


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