San Francisco

" Every man should be allowed to love two cities- his own and San Francisco." - Gene Fowler

Yesterday and today , I took the tours to visit famous places of San Francisco. I am so lucky as my hotel  is in the heart of city which calls Union Square and to show that it's the heart of city there are some hearts in each corner of this square, and more important the hotel is next to my favourite department store, macy's. And it seems that we are lucky at this time of year as the weather is so sunny and warm. I heard that usually San Francisco has cold summers and mild winters, but these days the weather is just fantastic. I read somewhere that Mark Twain said: "The coldest winter I ever saw was the I spent in San Francisco." Anyway, in this gorgeous weather, I visited Golden Gate Bridge,Palace of Fine Arts, Lombard Street, Fisherman's Wharf and Bay Bridge and passed from China Town and some other famous city sights.Also I've seen the mansion of Danieel Steal's which is the most expensive house in the city. I have tickets for another tur to see the city at night, but as I start to feel tired earlier these days , I think I'm not going for that. I did some shoppings for our little one and I'm going to finish my shopping this evening. It's a great city , but I missed home ....


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