Thanks God that finally Friday arrived. It was a very busy week and I was in hospital everyday from 8.30 am until late in the afternoon and this morning when I woke up to be in hospital for our meeting at 8.30 am ,I felt dead tired. Last night as usual after our weekly meeting we went for a dinner with our colleagues and by the time we arrived home ,it was nearly 9.30 pm which means being out for around 13 hours ,such a long day !

 The little rabbit at the top passed the middle of stick and now just 2 digit countings started for the arrival of our little one, I'm so excited! I need to start shopping for her ! Wow, just less than 3 months...


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[لبخند] سلام به شما مطالب بسیار زیبایی نوشته بودید قلمتون روان منتظر نظر شما در وبم هستم