I was watching a very interesting TV documentary programme from BBC yesterday “The Grammar School: A Secret History”. It was great piece of work.

In one section, one of the women Ella Wright who passed the Scholarship exam for Manchester Grammar School of Girls in 1936 talks about ambition of her mum’s for her future and definitely not being at the top of the class wasn’t part of her game plan. And at the first evaluation Ella marked 47% and positioned 17th out of 32 in the class which hit her mum very badly. Next time in the exam she was 11th and then 4th and then 3rd and 2nd.  It reminded me of my mum and all her ambition for me and honestly the place I am is mainly due to a pushy mum that I had and she was a very tough and hard but great teacher. More importantly it was lesson for me to work harder for the future of my daughter.  This is what my competitive spirit is ! And I think the most important message is : not to be afraid of learning, it is a privilage to be in this competitive enviroment to try harder and harder for the best.  

She was also said in one section: "I have no recollections of which questions I got right but I have forever of the ones I got wrong,” which is quite true and intersting statement.

The most interesting part was when one of woman “ Joan Bakewell” talks about her scholarship to Cambridge and the headmistress talk said “ We are enormously proud of course that Joan is going to Cambridge, but I want to say to rest of you, that the real purpose of a woman’s life is to be a wife and mother” and Joan was saying although she was furious to hear this but took the message and I think still even now in the new century, everyone evaluate you as a mum and wife and also they expect you to be very successful and professional in your career.

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