Amazingly , my essay has been selected to attend in the "Third conference of Best PhD medical essays"  which will be held in Czech republic at the end of this month . It was very competitive and they choosed just 2 essays from all PhD students in our university, I wasn't sure to attend in the competition but  as my supervisiver said " Who dares wins "   I just tried my chance , although I was sure I 'll  not be selected , but they did  and I was selected as one of two students and me and another student are  going in next couple of weeks with the dean of our faculty to Hradec Králové

But there is a good point here is that you don't know what will be happen next in your life , when you are sorry for something which didn't happen. My supervisior , advisor and some of my other colleagues are going to Cape Town,South Africa at the same time for another conference .I loved to go and visit Cape town and also the headline of conferences were very intersting,  but  I didn't submit any paper for that conference as I went and presented in  a  similar conference  a couple of months ago ,therfore I didn't apply for this conference and  I was sorry for myself , but now I'm going to another conference ,much more important for my academic career , that's great , isn't it ???  God, Thank you  very much !

A song for today ........

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