Last Wednesday was my viva, and although I passed it with A Grade but the internal examiner was terrible and she asked lots of none sense questions and even she asked for doing some changes in the published papers in the high impact factor journals like Diabetes Care & Diabetes ( so funny ) ! I was very upset when I finished as even instead of acknowledging all the work that I did, they said we can't believe that all of this work is done by one person ! Anyway, as my supervisior said they are just jealous ( because of the millions pounds grants that we secured with the results of my PhD and the published papers) and I should just ignore them and just be HAPPY! Just one day after exam, I recieved the list of minor corrections which I should do from internal examiner and in that email she did congrugultion and said I did a great job , hahaaaa , such a witch ! Anyway, that was the end of another chapter of my life, and formally I don't have any more academic exams in my life, except those profesional exams that I should do !

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