From Sydney 2 : Refugees!!!

Sitting in a 5* hotel in Darling harbor and going to have a luxury breakfast, but before that I’m going to read the headline news of the day. The first page of “The Sydney Morning News” is a photo of a group of refuges in Christmas Island and the whole page highlighted the new government regulation for these asylum seekers. What is more painful is that you can recognize the all people in that photo seems like Iranians and in such hard and difficult situation they are. They left their countries and paid lots of money to smugglers and risk their life. It makes me think what make them to leave their countries and travel to a foreign country in that situation. You should be quite brave !!!!!! What is more dreadful is that according to new regulation, the Austrilian goverment can quickly be sent them home by plane and inside of Austrilia , they will move to East Timor which has harder situation.

I was feeling so bad that I could’t have my breakfast and whole the day this photo was in my mind. I was wishing to hear from these people their life stories, it would be amazing ! So painful it should be, why they are fleeing their country? ….


Christmas Island welcome ... under Labor's plan asylum seekers such as these would be processed on East Timor. This year 75 boats, carrying 3532 would-be refugees, have been intercepted.

 Typed in Fisher Library, School of Law, Sydney University.


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Yes, it is so awful, but situation in Iran is so hard and every one who can and understand, left this country, because it seems nothings will change… Best Regard…