Happy October

- I love this video and its melody. It’s full of life.


- By the way, by accident, I’ve read a note from my old English

page and felled in love with those posts (you see how self obsessed I am! ) , therefore I’m going to write more there if I get a chance.  


- I reached a decision in my life that I need to take the life easy and for this purpose, I am not going to do the exams this year. I had very hectic years in the last 2-3 years and I think I deserve a rest and to be in a slow-mode for some while and amazingly everyone is agree with me. I am feeling peace inside now and I just want to enjoy and rest the whole autumn and winter. I feel so relaxed and without any stress after ages.  Life is so beatiful without exams ! 

- My beatiful walnutt is growing up so fast. Now she climbs the stairs and coming down without help of her hands. She calls me & my mum both Mummy but she calls my Dad "Baba" and her Dad “Daddah”. Full of energy and so kind and as my Dad believes so clever. I’m just worry to the Potty training project that we need to face up soon.




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missed ur weblog very much these days since I havent checked it for a while.whenever i read this page,i become more energetic and hopeful Mitra jan. Hope u more success this year without any exams. [پلک]


دقیقاااااااااااااا امتحانها که تموم نمیشن[لبخند]