"All of your frustrations are due
to your seeking your wishes.
If you didn't, all wishes would
come to you like offerings.

Love all of the Beloved's ways,
and not just Her affection,
so that the coquettish Beloved
would come to you as a desperate lover."
- Love's Ripening (Divan Shamsi Tabrizi)
I feel so anxious and frustrated to reach a very important decision and this anxiousnes made me feel sick ...
It's the international women day and to celebrate it the university has an event that I am attending later today: "Women in Science-Now and Then"
Last night, it was mums nights out and just 8 of us gathered together for a dinner in an italian resturant. It was nice and  I think we need these session of laughting and gossiping and talking with other mums.... 
Anyway,  I assumed the dinner will be there and then driving in the dark, cold and rainy night managed to find the correct resturant after half an hour and it worths ...
Today is book day in school and the teacher asked everyone come with the costume of their favourite character and Baran choice was easy " Snowwhite" and she turned to be a beatiful snowwhite princess !  Photo is coming later ...
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anxiety and frustration, two days ago i gad the same feelings, sepfhr had a back surgery and i had all kinds of feelings in one day but now that everything is fine i feel like i conquer the difficulty so i wish you luck and you will be fine