“And now let us welcome the New Year. Full of things that have never been. “ – Rainer Maria Rike.


End of seasonal holiday is here  and the start of another Christian year, a fresh start. I have feeling like feelings that I had when I was a kid at the end of summer to get back to school. We had invited a couple of our friends yesterday and the day before for lunch and today I went to hairdresser after ages to trim my hair and give them some tones. Yesterday we had snow again and today the road was very icy and quite dangerous and the temperature is very low.


Anyway, I hope all of us start a wonderful new year full of delight and discovery and reaching our dreams. Keep faith and believe and pray that God holds for us the best. I was thinking to write a list of my goals and resolution for the New Year but strangely I can’t find my red calendar. Anyway, wishing very all the best for my family and my friends and looking forward to the year ahead and the journey within. Another year to see what God holds for us. Another year of new things that have yet to be.


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