I can't believe. I nearly finished everything. 12 chapters of my thesis are ready and I am just waiting for my supervisiors correction for remaining five chapters. The long ethical application form for my new project was submitted yesterday and even, I prepared a couple of abstracts to submit for an upcoming conference. It's the first time in the last four years that I don't have any task on my desk and I feel relax. I even don't have any major job at home. The drwers were organised last weekend and ven, all the cloths have been ironed. I made some Season salad and the home is clean.

I was not feel very happy today, I worked all the morning and in the afternoon ,I nearly lost some of my data with this silly SPSS , I was so upset as I wanted to finish that work today and then thanks God , I found another copy of those data in another folder.

Then later in the afternoon, I did some running for around 45 minutes, although the weather was a little cold and rainy and as the days are very short , when I arrived home ,it was dark.  

Now, I’m free and more relax and I’m going to call to a couple of friends to arrange for a dinner or superb. And I should go and prepare my suitcase for Iran ... Happy Holiday !!


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