Weekend is over and BJ is not well yet.  Baran got diarrhea since Wednesday and according to nursery rules, she should stay at home. Other than the runny stools, she's playful and happy, just lots of nappies. We stayed all the 4 days at home as the weather was very warm too. Her Dad is away for a conference in Florida and we were due to accompany him, but then decided it is better to stay at home. I put her in BRATY diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast, and Yogurt) plus some soup and plenty of formula milk, water and apple juice to prevent dehydration.  I’m just wondering if this might be related to Cow’s milk as she had started it since last week in nursery, something like milk allergy. Or as her nurse said a few other kids had the same symptoms therefore maybe it is viral. Anyway, I will go to see her GP in the morning, but I am not sure if she will prescribe something !!

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azize delam merci az delgarmihat be khoshgelam kheyli fekr mikonam az khoda mikham ke hich vaght mariz nashe in khanume ziba rasty un diet ham aali bud , yaddashtesh kardam ye chiz dige ke kheyli vaghte mikham biam benvisam inja ke baba eyval ke khunat ro mituni ta saat 10 sobh abrgh bendazi, bavar kon az vaghty paye sepehr baz shod be ashpazkhune va ma gate ro bardashtym inja sag mizane gorbe miraghse!! khanume hame chi tamume por mehr