Springtime in the Rockies

I fancy it is springtime in the Rockies
The flowers with their colors are aflame
And though I long to be back in the Rockies
I’ll wait until the springtime comes again.

( Gene Autry)  

Last week I was in Calgary for a visit to Alberta Children’s hospital. The hospital was great and it was a good experience for me, but more memorable was my hosts. When I planned this trip, one of the professors who is actually the head of department and I met him once here, invited me to stay with them, instead of being in hotel. At first I felt unease especially with my toarofi and shy nature, but I thought it’s not polite to reject his invitation, and now I am happy for my choose. I had the nicest, kindest hosts you could ever wish to meet and actually it is my best memory from Canada.  I think they are the kindest and loveliest couple that I met in my life and I really learnt a lot from them. They provide the best hospitality that you can provide for a guest. 

It was a very hectic week and even I didn’t find time even to see the downtown of city.  Except a quick drive around city when we went for dinners. Once in a very posh Italian restaurant as an educational meeting for ophthalmologists and another night in a lovely restaurant in riverside. Just final day, lovely Pat took me to Banff which is a small town in Rockies Mountain and around 1 hour distance from Calgary, it is a tourist spot for ski. We had lunch in Springs hotel which is a very beautiful hotel and then we went to see spring waters and some shopping in the town.

The most difficult part of this trip was to leave my little one (me and hubby jan used to this kind of conference and work trips, although I miss him). Every time I‘ve seen a baby, I was thinking how much she/he is older than my Baran and thinking about her. It’s very difficult to be a mum ! 



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