Deeper than the words

گل بود و به سبزه نیز آراسته شد....

-معاون تحقيقات و فناوري وزارت بهداشت عنوان كرد: لزوم افزايش 3 برابري بودجه پژوهش در متمم بودجه

-افزايش سهم پژوهش در متمم بودجه 85، دولت خلف وعده كرد (روزنامه خراسان)

A couple of days ago ,I was reading this letter and today the news about research budget of our country ? What can we say when we hear these kind of news?   I think  with this situation , lossing  of more intellectual and technical sources of our country is normal and in fact it's the most logical reaction for researchers,scientists,....We know that the brain drain is a complicated problem because it is affected by political, cultural, economic, and professional factors. It would be wrong to assume that the brain drain problem can be solved without taking care of the other problems of the society. While most developing, and even some developed, countries are faced with this problem, the reason for immigration is not the same everywhere.  The goverment should try to create a favorable intellectual, scientific, cultural and economic atmosphere in the country, so that people are encouraged to go back home and serve their country. 

And reading the news made you more confused everyday about this critical question:"To stay or Not to Stay" !!

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