To Record : Patience, persistence and perspiration

Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value. - Albert Einstein

- Wow, Thanks God. For the first time I don’t have any major unfinished work in my desk. Paper submitted, the other one revised and sent, the grant draft has been written and sent to the boss, the other grant annual report finished and submitted, most emails replied and just I need to analyse the results of nearly 20 patients, prepare my talk and poster for next month conferences and that’s it. Boss is away for a month and rest of our group are in summer holiday which is great as I can just finish all other things and relax and make a timetable for my exams.


At home, all the cloths have been ironed and house is clean and tidy. I invited a couple of friends for dinner on the weekend but I found a message on the phone last night that she apologized as they have unexpected guest from overseas and they can’t make it this weekend. That’s great then, I don’t need to be worry for cooking too .  Hooraaaaa!


2- I'm part of a Leadership programme and we need to attend a smaller problem solving groups every month. Like 5-6 of us seat and like “Loose Women" discuss our academic problems. The lady who is our mentor said today that she had the same session with a group of highly successful academic individuals a few weeks ago and what she learnt is  to be successful in academia , you need to be brave and pushy and don't underestimate yourself and never don't under sale yourself.  You should be brave to face other people. It was interesting session and I enjoyed that. I learned that I need to have a mentor and also a personal coach. Now I am thinking who I should choose? My boss is my great mentor but I need to choose someone else to get further direction and plans.  The interesting part was when one of the girls exampled David Beckham. I didn’t know that he wasn’t a great player when he was a kid but he didn’t feed up of trying and trying and trying, in other words: Persistance, Persistance, Persistance . And even when they selected him as a captain of England, it was mainly because of his enthusiasms and motivation, not his ability in football.


Later on Denise asked us to briefly say what is our future plan and you know what silly answer I did. I said I want to have a chair in 10 years, so self-confident and someone should say dreamy and arrogant!!! Never mind who knows me!!  I think it is results of movie I watched in Adelaide “Being in the Heaven” , which was the worst movie I watched in my life for the matter of directory as the whole movie had just one plan and it was a long 90 minutes conversation between its two actors and we laughed and waited to see how the story will be finished, but from other side although it was very unusual movie, it was about something that can show you how to make rapid and brilliant improvements in every area of your life in practical and simple ways.

Oh, I forget to say. We need to draw a picture of Success. How can I do it? Maybe just draw it in my mind !!! I like to be able to draw it physically, like a puzzle with 100 pieaces.


I read somewhere that "To  create your future you must demand what you want. Life reacts to your demands by responding to the actions, behaviours, thoughts and imaginings that you express." And it's really true .

This is for now.






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