A Snowy day ..

After a sunny but chilly wintry day that we had yesterday and we took our little one to a park nearby for the first time, today is snowy and I heard in the NEWS that today is the gloomiest day of the year, but I’m feeling cheerful. I did plenty of jobs since morning and now I’m sitting with a hot cup of tea next to me and watching the snow from the window while my little angel is sleeping in her glider chair. In a couple of days, she will be three months old and I can’t imagine how life was without her in the past, I can’t imagine our house without her.  We were talking last night that how much we had free times before her that we wasted but now with lots of sleepless nights, plenty of works to do ( including feeding the baby, expressing milk, washing h dishes, tidying the house, playing with baby and entertaining her, replying the phone calls and emails ,… ), I just started learning how to be organised. How to use my few spare times to concentrate on my work. It’s incredibly difficult but I think it worth it. Actually , it was the topic of newspapers and a few TV shows during last week the story of a French minister who went back to work five days after giving birth. It wasn’t very strange for me as I went back to work exactly 10 days after the birth of my daughter, actually I didn’t have no choice but to do so. When I see women who are going to have at least 6 months maternity leave, I feel jealous but when I think deeply, I see I need to work hard as my career is important. I think motherhood and parenthood in general, just teach you how to be organised and how to learn to work hard and I believe God gives you a power to be stronger.


I don’t know how my mothers say that they put their  babies in her cot in  separate room in the evening around 7 pm  and they wake herup in the morning around 7-8 am. I think it is impossible especially under age 1. Our Baran goes to sleep at around 9-10 pm and then she needs feeding every 3 hours which means that one of us should work up every three hours. I think it’s absolutly normal as the babies are going to be hungary more quickly although it is exhusting sometimes but as a parent it is our responsibility and there is no excuse to feel frustrate about it. I asked an expert in babies sleep ad she sent me an email and some where there she wrote :

”And since a child cannot nurse alone, when She wakes during  the night, She really has no choice but to call out for you! None of this is the child’s fault — and it’s NOT your fault  either. The simple truth of the matter is that your child just hasn’t learned the important skill of “self-soothing.” “Self-soothing” is what I call it when a child learns how to
fall asleep without anyone else’s help. And this is the MOST IMPORTANT skill your child will need to master in order to start sleeping through the night.

I don’t think that it is fair to teach to a baby to self soothing when she is hungary and she needs feeding, what do you think ؟

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