My supervisor called me this morning around 9 o'clock and asked me where I am? I told him I am at home and working from there. He said he started to correct two of my chapters and he has some problem with them , and if I can ,I should go to his office and see him. I was stressed and I was thinking all the way what was wrong, and then when I reached to his office in next half an hour, I found it wasn't about my thesis. He even didn't tell me straightforward and I was dead worry until he reveled the neews. It was something else and very exciting news. I was suspected in the morning when he called me and he seemed very happy, but then I was thinking might be it's very bad news and he wants to pretend. Anyway, just to write here to rember how much I was excited all the day. But the news is just as a preliminary and we should wait until january to have final results. We should pray until that time , but even at the moment, it's very good and good-promising. I 'm so happy. The results of our hard work is coming finally,enshallah !!!


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