-You know it’s a great feeling when you say to your boss that you would miss his help when he will be away for a week next month. And he replies: “I know. I feel the same. I’ll you miss you more when you will be away for 3 weeks!!”  And you amazed how did he remember.

- It’s nice that he notices the way of my thinking or writing even if I revise a colleague’s work. When he revised 2 of my colleagues papers recently asked them: “Did M write this part? “And they were amazed how he knew!!

- Over the weekend I had an eye infection and my eye was quite red. By Monday afternoon it was quite fine and no one didn’t notice it, just my supervisor asked “why your eye is red?” and he was thinking that I cried. Then later he asked “do you get a cold?” and then he reassured redness is because of cold.

I hope he knows that I have an intense admiration for his expertise, energy and enthusiasm, and am ever grateful for his kind firm direction. It's more than 7 years that I am working with him. I am very lucky (touch wood) that I have such a great mentor and supervisor .

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