I am happy so much !

Sometimes happiness is a blessing, but normally it is a conquest. - Paulo Coelho

Wow, my boss made my day. I’ve just seen the support letter he sent for my new post and it is beyond expectation. Unbelievable. I am very very happy! According to my supervisor statement “I am belong in the rare category of individuals who is highly intelligent, organized and driven in clinical research.” That's very nice of him, wow.   Thanks God and thanks him for this great support. I feel blessed. But from otherside this means I should work 100 times harder.  Anyway, I will try to work harder ... Love you boss!

By the way, I've just read that quote from Paulo Coelho in his facebook page and thought it is nice and matching with my today happiness.

In a separate note, as the boss is off today for skiing in France, we planned to escape in the lunch time and go to cinema. The last time, we went to cinema was the week before Baran was born that we went to see “Mama Mia” and less a week after Baran was here. As a record  today after 17 months we want to go to cinema to see a movie with the same actress.  But anyway, at the moment I am dead happy and I don’t mind if to stay in my desk and work all the day as usual. I should work harder.

PS, We went and it was an average funny, romance commedy I say. It was ok but not more than ***. Anyway, lovely lunch break!  

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man behet eftekhar mikonam, ino ba tamame vojurdam migam, chun midunam in hame movafaghiatet ba vojude dashtane ye dokhatre naz bude ke man midunam che ruz haye sakhty dashty , khaste nabashi azize delam bazam migam behet eftekhar mikonam azizam