It’s Sunday and another rainy day and I’m sitting here with Baran next to me on her glidder chair, peacefully sleeping and mummy and hubby went to town to do some shopping. Today Baran is 15 days old according to her corrected age and everyday she is difference from previous day. Now she make more eye contacts and very awake and conscious about outside and her surroundings. She loves to cuddle her and now she wants us to move her around the house and she is watching everything with great attention!! She has a better routine recently, she sleeps through the night and wakes up every three hours for feeding and changing, thanks to infant wrap and radio Farda which means that one of us should sleep in sofa in living area downstairs as she likes to have some noise and light when she sleeps, therefore we put her in her carrier cot and turn on TV for Radio Farda all the night!

I fund that God blessed two of my close friends and they have babies now which is great news. I pray God bless all babies and keep them safe and sound for their mothers and families.

I start

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