I was watching a documentary TV programme with my Dad from BBC called “Life in the Furnace”.  It was about the life of people who were living at deserts in difference parts of the world from magnolia to Somalia, From Sahara to Mali.

It was very interesting and beautifully made programme. It showed how people in dessert area working hard to reach to the water. How the eternal quest for water brings huge challenges and ingenious solutions in the driest places o earth.   Their courage was unexceptional.  For me their desire to life- that very difficult life in fact- was admirable when I feel I don’t have any desire for life.

Perhaps I don’t have any energy and patience to face the life’s obstacles. I don’t know why I feel sad and tired …


In a separate note, my today’s horoscope was very positive:  “You are not the kind of woman who likes to lead a perfectly ordinary life. You are not afraid by the unknown. On the contrary, you like to open up to new worlds and cultures. You are sometimes willing to change your entire life. Today, to your greatest satisfaction, you will probably find unusual directions which could lead your life to new horizons.”  

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