I love this country and I wish to live here one day. I really admire the goverment of this country as he could  provided this world-class facility and attracts millinons of tourists from around the world and make lots of money which is even more than their exporting oil. It's really true that they are not any more dependend on oils.  And compare it to Iran, Even for a simple English exam , people need to spend lots of money and travel to Dubai or somewhere else. We really lose our sources.

By the way, today I am in the same country with our president as GCC summit concludes this afternoon in Doha and it's the first time that they invited an Iranian president . I was looking the flags in the airport to find Iran's , but  I didn't find it. Anyway, Iran is the head lines of all Gulf newspapers today. Earlier,  I was reading Gulf Times and Khaleej Times and they covered several pages about Iran and the speech of our president and his pictures , and it seems that he widely welcomed by participants and had a positive effect on them .He called for peace and prosperity in the region. In his talk, he addressed 11 points that he highlighted were of great significance to the development of the region's economy. 

Wow , I'm happy. My former supervisior  offered me a very good Post-Doc position in beatiful Gold Coast. But shamefully, I should write back him and refuse to accept this great offer. This means that , so far I refused three fantastic offers , (one from Harvard , another from Virginia and this one ), and more important from the research groups which I wish for years to work with them. But never mind , I'm happy !!

 I can't tolerate those peoples that they think Iranians are the most talented and civilized nation in the world  and so proud to themselves and talk wrongly about other nations  including, Arabs, Afgans , and Asian people like Pakistani & Indians. We have lots of fantastic friends from these communities , and in most of the cases, you can rely on them more than most of iranian friends.

I just started my holiday and I'm very happy as I 'm going to see my parents and esp. now as I can see the sun at 7 oçlock in the morning.

And an Arabic music from a singer that I love her voice and video clips.

And finally, I missed you azizam . I love you so much !!

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سلام. داشتم دنبال آهنگی می گشتم. ديار سعيد محمدی. تو پست شهريورتون بهش لينک داده بودين. اون متنتونم خوندم. منم خرداد امسال از ايران رفتم. گرچه از اول هم اونجا نبودم! ولی الآن همه دوستام و پدر و مادر و خواهرام اونجان. برام جالبه٬ دلم باسه خونه تنگ ميشه و ... موفق باشين. به منم سر بزنين.


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