father of LASIK eye surgery

In random reading tonight and moving from one paper to another in Pubmed (my favourite webpage!) , I reached to this paper in tribute to Prof. Gholam Payman.

He received the USA President award last year in recognition of his work in vision and ophthalmology. In his ceremony, Prof. Obama said:

When Gholam Peyman first accepted a position at the office of the University of Illinois, his office was a converted restroom, But he carved enough space for himself, his secretary and his lab equipment and today he is known as the father of LASIK eye surgery”.

 He is also credited with developing the first pressure-controlled valve – now know as the Krupin valve for glaucoma surgery – and the first telescopic intra ocular lens for patients with macular disease. He was also among the first to implant an artificial silicon retina in patients with retinitis pigmentosa.

Prof Peymen has been a pioneering force in laser and photodynamic therapy and studies on intraocular drug delivery and refractive and vetreoretinal surgery. He also established the techniques of eye-wall resection and endoresection for intraocular tumours, was the first to perform a retinochoroidal biopsy and to transplant retinal pigment epithelial cells for age-related macular degeneration. 

Indeed I am proud as he is Iranian and for his achievements to the field of ophthalmology, eye and vision sciences.

Well done Prof. Payman !!


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