1: "The mystery is this – the more you go beyond yourself, the more you will become your true self; the more you lose yourself in loving and serving others, the more you will find yourself; the more you keep company with those who suffer, the more you will be healed. This is the knowledge which passes all understanding. "

This is certain and has been proved experimentally in the life of all the saints."

این جملات زیبا و بسیار بامفهوم از سخنرانی دیروز The Rt Rev Richard Chartres در سالگرد مرگ دایانا  است.

۲-دیروز در قطار راه برگشت از چستر ٬ این نوشته جالب در روزنامه تایمز درباره دوستی و سایتهایی مثل Facebook را دیدم.خواندنی است.  قسمت نهایی آن از همه جالب تر است.

" By the time one has reached middle age most of us know too many people. It is painful to reflect how those who we once rang daily to share our news are now pushed to the margins of our lives: we always mean to meet for drinks, but never do. Now through Facebook we can, at no effort or expense, readmit them into our thoughts. It is a simulacrum of friendship, but it is better than nothing at all."

۳- امروز اسم یک شغل جدید و جالب شنیدم: Futurologist

۴- این ویکند ٬ اولین ویکندی  در چهار سال اخیر بود که من اصلا به سراغ درس و مشقام نرفتم. !!!




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