Yesterday when i came home I found a postal note about flowers to our address delievery which has left in our neighbours. When I've seen the note I was quit amazed as I was thinking maybe it's again some kind of internet purchases which sometimes delivered wrongly. Anyway, I went to our neighbour house, and the old lady said: " Oh , they are beatiful flowers, is it your birthday? " and she went to bring them for me. I told her that it's not my birthday and if she knows who delivered them , but she didn't know. Anyway, she gave me a huge bunch of tulip flowers, and then I came back home and look around of that to find some notes. There was a envelope, and a card with a lovely notes from the doctors who came from Holland. They wrote as they had a very good time in Manchester, as a thanks they wish to send me some tulips from Holland , and it's their second try as the first order didn't delivered and even they apologized as it took too long to send me thanksful letter ( indeed they did by email !! ) . I was just surprised and so excited and embarrased for their kindness and love and how much they were polite . Then , I thought how they have my home address , I asked my supervisior in a email if he gave my address and he said yes, he did.


Anyway, I am just so happy now with my beatiful tulips !


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