After a long night of rain , this morning the sky is so blue and sunny and everywhere is  shinny and clean. I feel so happy and fresh and I walked all the way to the hospital with listening to some uplifted music .

I think in Britain we enjoy more from sun , as this sunny days are very occasional and after  some days of bearing the gray sky , this will be a fantastic, beatiful  autumn day.

I 'm so happy as tomorrow is Saturday and hopefully I'll have some time to relax,go to gym  and do some works , also I should do a full cleaning of the house. We had a guest all the week and she is leaving tomorrow . Last weekend , Rokhi was here and we spent a good time .

Yesterday , I finished analysing the conreal parameters of Fabry patients and the results were so intersting and amazing. They are exactly the same of diabetic patients with no sign of neuropathy , although their neuropathy are similar . I should do some more works on those data and start writing .

What more ???? Back to work .....

I'll write the lyric of the song which I was listening today ,later.

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