Another snowy day !


Wow, here is snowy again. For the third time in this winter and this time quite heavy. It started since last night and still it is coming. They said it’s unusual since 2 decades ago and it is anticipated to come more during tonight.  It’s so lovely to be at home with a cup of tea and watching the snow flicks from the window and your little honey is laying in her glidder and peacefully sleep. I plan to go and make a squash and sweet potato; it will be lovely in this weather. And then I have plenty of works to do.  By the way, how nice to receive your favourite magazine by the home doorstep at home in this such snowy day and then found a fantastic cloths catalogue inside of that with fabulous Italian style cloths, I feel I need all of them and I need a new wardrobe, but is it possible to buy even a couple of them in this credit crunch situations? I don’t think so, I should wait for its sale !



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