What is Success?

Success is being happy in one’s work. Success is doing something with meaning and satisfaction. Success is working in a pleasant, inspiring, cheerful, and stimulating environment. Success is working in fine facilities placed on attractive sites in structures of good design, well maintained. Success is working with intelligent, dedicated, understanding and tolerant associates. Success is pride in the appearance and social attributes of those who surround you. Success is knowing we are well remunerated for our effort, encouraged for our achievements and sincerely advised on our deficiencies. Success is knowing that the greater our contributions, the greater our reward, both monetary and otherwise. Success is being respected by our associates for our integrity, our honour and our total character. In other words, success is having the ability to greatness.” - Robert Wood Johnson


I was recently in the vision training centre of Johnson & Johnson Medical Ltd an I’ve seen his bio book and the above paragraph was at the end of one of chapters that I loved under name “ what is success?” . And it really represents the success of J&J.

Later that day I was reading another paper and I’ve seen this quote from Albert Schweitzer when he said: “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success – if you love what you are doing, you will be successful” which is in fact the summary of above statement.  Just thought to write them here for my inspiration.

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سلام عزیزم...خوبید؟ باران کوچولوتون خوبه؟ من از خواننده های خاموش وبلاگتونم...چند تا از وبلاگ هایی که خانوما توش هم درس می خونن هم کار هم زندگی دارن و فرزند دارم که می خونم و روحیه می گیرم...این که ما خانوما چطوری همه این کارا رو با هم بکنیم..این که دغدغه منم هست که حالا این مهمتره یا اون؟ یا چطوری تعادل ایجاد کنم..یا همین بحث های مشترک بین هممون با همین وضعیت...خواستم بگم هم از وبلاگ شما هم چند تا وبلاگ دیگه با همین مضامین لذت بخش و واقعا شیرین کلی مطلب یاد گرفتم...خواستم تشکر کنم...خواستم بگم وبلاگ باران کوچولو رو دنبال می کنم..هر کلمه ای که یاد می گیره...هر بازی ای که باهاش می کنید...همین دو زبانه بودن بامزه اش همه اینا پشتش وجود شما به عنوان یه همسر و یه مامان عزیزه...مامانای دنیای مدرن که مجبورن هم مدرن باشن هم سنتی..یا گاهی یکیش یا گاهی حتی اون قدر خستن که هیچ کدومش...خواستم بگم موفق باشی...که هستی..که تو خط به خط پست امروزتون می تونم مصداقش رو ببینم تو شما..حداقل از خط های وبلاگتون...از نوشته هاتون... همیشه موفق باشید


There are so grate statements Thank you