Golden Globe 2012 and all my Iranian friends status in facebook is about congratulating the success of “A Separation” (Jodaei Nader az Simin) with directory of Mr. Asghar Farhadi as a best foreign language movie. We’ve seen it in cinema in Mashad last March when we were visiting there. It could be a real life story, a nice Iranian movie, but just nice and nothing extraordinary. In fact I didn’t like it. And I don’t like my foreigner friends to see it. I don’t understand why we should make such a drama movies with sad and misery stories which is the category of most of Iranian movies.  But despite all my like/dislike feelings, this doesn’t make me to stop feeling proud of this achievement.

When I was driving home yesterday, I was thinking how as a nation we feel proud and supportive of our other people achievements anywhere in the world. How I feel happy when another Iranian name in a paper or eager to meet other Iranian fellows in conferences, meetings. How deep in heart we feel sad about our country when we see the progress of our neighbour countries like Turkey and UAE.

Wish for lots of more prideful moments, victory and success for Iran and Iranians.

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