the smell of success

Baran was watching her favourite movie "Alvin and the chipmunks” for the hundred times, in fact she memorised all the dialogues. In one part it said:  “That's the smell of success," "Life is good. Especially when you're not a loser”.

It is really true but I would be happier to correct it to “Life is good. Especially when you don’t have any exams”.   I am so stressed at the moment but inside I feel I need this stress.

I did attend some preparation course with one friend two months ago.  I did perform very badly during those sessions as I was very unwell with fever, coughing and depression.  I was so scared and didn’t register for exams but my friend did although she wasn't ready too and was crying all the times  but she worked very hard during last 2-3 months and now she passed all her exams.  We were both as bad as each other and our teacher was so negative and advised us to register to the next round of exams.  But she had the courage to register and now she is all cleared up. But I didn’t which means I acted like a loser!  I am so happy for her and really admire her. I know it was very very difficult but she overcame her fears and reach the success. Well done to her and this great achievements.  I’ll be the next enshallah!

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