Christmas 2009

Here we are. Christmas Day 2009, an official white Christmas. From a few days ago that we started our seasonal holiday, ااheavy snow made everywhere white and quite dangerous.  As we are in holiday, over the last two days as there is nothing urgent to do we had a good rest, wake up late and used to go to bed late. Yesterday after a week, we took Baran out to walk around the Quay and shopping centre close to our house. Amazingly, the mall was nearly empty as everyone was going to a musical theater in Lowry art centre. As usual, we took all the wasted bread to feed the birds in the river and in this chilly weather, it was a real treat for them.

Over the last few days, I spent lots of time for organising the house and cleaning and today as well. And it seems the house is in better shape and more organised and tidy.


And now, here I am sitting and preparing my notes and studying.


Merry Christmas and God bless all of us !


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