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متن هایی برای هیچ
Today headlines!!!

1. Here is dead freezy and so cold and very cloudy. The met office predicted we'll have snow but so far not  in our region , probably it's in countryside.

2. I saw this news about Index of Quality of life for 2007. It's so shameful when you see your country is number 190 ,one of the last 10 at the bottom of table , but it's intersting to see UK is in the level of 37 .

3. I went for a IT course today , but then I found the class has been cancelled because  the lecturer was ill. Instead ,I went to gym and worked for around 45 minutes ( 20 minutes treadmill & burning 200kcal, 10 min cycling & burning 60 Kcal, 6 min sky & 60Kcal and in total more than 5 km & 250 kcal ) , then I went to suna which was very nice in this icy weather.

Then after more than 20 minutes walking in town and do some shopping,  I came back home, cleaned the kitchen and now I should finish the review paper that should be finished until next week. It's nearly done but it needs some more changes.

The next month is a very busy time for me . I should prepare a talk and a poster for a conference in Scotland and then the day after we are going to Iran( enshallah) and then there is two more conferences in the following month. And more important, I should finish writing of my thesis. Therfore it 'll be a very hectic time , I hope to be able to manage everything on time. I am so worry and stressful recently,I don't know why ( although I know the reason) , yesterday ,I woke up in the morning and feel so sad when I remembered I'll be 29 years in next 5 months, I started to cry , I felt I wasted lots of time and I am so old , I don't know, I worked hard all the times and I should be more positive,but I'm not sometimes . I should be so grateful & thanksful for lots of things , actually for everything : I have a lovely husband , a great family, lovely parents and a nice brother , good health and enough wealth ( for this position !!) and everything that even some of my friends wish to have .God gave me the opportunity to follow my dreams , .... therfore he 'll support me to continue my way & I should be happy, shouldn't I ? Thank you God for everything & please don't forget me , I need your help all the times!



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