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متن هایی برای هیچ
Angel's Wings

I am so inspired with a story I read on a magazine which was part of an advertisement for a famous German jewellery brand, Wellendorff.  The story and letter was from Heidi Thomas, from the English county of Devon. Many years ago, while taking a walk along a beach in Denmark she found in the sand an amulet adorned with a hand-painted angel. As no one laid claim to the find, Heidi Thomas kept the piece, which soon became her beloved companion and talisman. Years later, she met an Englishman in Munich who commented on her amulet. It transpired that he had once given the very same item of jewelry to his deceased wife. A lucky twist of fate that the pair could not ignore: the next time they met, Heidi Thomas was surprised by a proposal of marriage. Her acceptance sealed the love of her life, which has now lasted for 29 years. A magical and enchanting story which shows that angels not only protect, but also do good and bring love to the world. Here is the full letter.

Such a nice and unique way for advertisement. I already felled in love with this brand and add to my wish list one of these rings.



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