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متن هایی برای هیچ

 امشب در سر شوری دارم
امشب در دل نوری دارم
باز امشب در اوج آسمانم
باشد رازی با ستارگانم

امشب یک سر شوق و شورم
از این عالم گویی دورم.....

"Exile has its own country.With obscure borders,unwritten conventions. It can bring unusual clarity.And exact strange sufferings, discreet mutilations.And its outermost limits,there may even be an expectional freedom. It is beyond heartbreak to reach that far.       The other life-that world as I remember it,that grace of living -lives in me like a paralled universe.Always will until the day I die.No one can find it anymore.      Sometimes late at night ,with the oud playing ,I open the window facing the square. I recite from the poem ,the verses breaking in my throat: "My hometown has been lost...With feverish effort, I have built myself a house. On the far side of the night.....""


The leaves start to fall from the trees and the days start to be shorter and shorter , Autumn is here again & I have a strange and weird feeling ! I love autumn and I love my city Mashad in Shahrivar & Mehr .  From the time I am in exile (GHORBAT) I have this strange and nostalgic feeling mainly two times per year , one in Esfand and near Nourooz and one in Shahrivar and close to Mehr .

 Lots of good memories from Autumn , school days and Mehr , my marriage was also this month , lots of great memories ,but I feel so homesick  ,  I missed my parents , my brother and everything ...I want to cry !!!!

It's really true that exile has its own country and it's really hard to be separate from family and your loved ones , although I'm lucky that I'm not alone and my lovely ,caring husband is next to me ,and I am so busy with my work and study but still I feel homesick even after 4 years . But I know ,I should be more strong , this is the way that I chose and I am very happy with my work ....





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